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  1. Salaam sister! Insh’Allah this message finds you well and in peace. I just found your blog and absolutely love it. May Allah reward you for sharing your story and reminding us of Allah. You’re wise Mash’Allah. I noticed your last post was from July, will you be writing again? Insha’Allah.


  2. Asalam wa’alikum,

    “…We raise in degrees whom We will, but over every possessor of knowledge is one [more] knowing.” (Surah Yusuf 12:76)

    Having read *all of your* posts, first of all, may Allah bless you for your courage in sharing your story. Allah will continue to help you and He will deal with those who have caused you great injustice. I had tears rolling my face, as it took me back to my own experience.

    I do not need to describe the excruciating pain and misery from Sihr that I had to endure over a period that is longer than half my age. I had gone to multiple Muftis and Raqi’s but none of them could deal with my condition. Not every person who does spiritual healing has the same level of ‘response/permission’ from the heavens (the lower level practitioners tend to be good with the easier cases, but they find it hard to get to the bottom of the more complicated cases while others may not have the time, resources and energy to help an individual with extreme manifestations of Sihr).

    A new [muslim] neighbour of mine got me in touch with his Shaykh who did prayers for me at the Prophet’s mosque in Medina and performed dhikr for me in seclusion, and my condition went away overnight. It was truly a miracle from the heavens. His advice to me was not to go all alone, and to have the support of a Shaykh. He succeeded where others failed.

    I am not in the same geographic location as you, but am sure in your region, you’ll find many authentic and Sharia conscious Sufi/Tassawuf Shaykhs (this requires talking to people).

    A Reader

    P.S: I do not want to sound prescriptive here, because most of us (myself included) do not have a Tassawuf background (am new to Tassawuf). So this may come across as a bit strange. Please bear with me. I recommend you do your own research on what follows (it helped me get to this point from my previous state) and do it only if you are comfortable with it:

    I found the following to be very handy.

    Daily practice:
    Ayat Al Kursi — 7 times (After every prayer)
    Surah Falaq and Nas (to untie the knots and people and jinn’s jealousy)

    (In the morning)
    – Surah Furqan, Verse 23

    *Salawats* (Whenever you can daily) [the Quran asks us to send blessing upon the Prophet — Chapter 33:56]:
    – Salawat Al Fatih — this brings openings in life
    – Salawat Al Naariyah — this one is recited as many times when under great difficulty
    – Salawat Jawharat Al Kamal — this one has tremendous blessings

    (Before Fajr and Maghrib)
    – Hizb Al Bahr (this *powerful* dua includes verses of Surah Yaseen) and is to subdue the various forces, Jinns included. [Mind you this one requires permission in some tariqas]

    You will find text, translation on various websites (google it) and recitation for everything I’ve listed on various youtube channels, including mine.

    I pray to Allah that you be granted relief so that you and your sister can live normal lives again.

  3. Asalamoalikum Sister
    Please keep us updated ! I’m desperately waiting for your post after reading the last one about how you’ve been cured… Alhamdulillah!

  4. Aslms sister, is there anyway of contacting you? I’ve tried to find your Facebook page but it’s no longer active. I would just like some advice inshallah

  5. Salaam,

    Jazakallah for sharing your experience! I have been trying to find a way to contact some of the raaqis (Saeed Abdullah, Kamal Ahmed etc) that post regularly on the topic, but have not found a contact form on their websites. I would like to share something from my own experience which may be beneficial for others so I hope you will evaluate it and share it with your readers if you think it is beneficial.

    I have been been doing ruqya for about 2-3 years (both with recitation, dua, worship, and also natural remedies eg. olive oil, senna etc). I have seen improvement in some symptoms with this, (mental) but there are some symptoms which have persisted (physical). I have also seen the doctor and done various tests, all of which were normal and the doctor has not been able to diagnose my condition. (About 4 years ago, I suddenly developed severe acne and breakouts on my face which have persisted in spite of huge diet and product changes. I can remember the specific time at which I began having the problem, so I am inclined to believe that it is not due to physical factors although I have addressed many of the common physical factors.) There are a number of other indicators that I was still struggling with the unseen.

    In this past Ramadan, I made dua intensely to Allah to give me shifa and knowledge of my condition. Alhamdulillah, soon after, I came across information about parasites. As I read through the symptoms (similar to posession), they seemed familiar and I continued to research. Since then, I have done some parasite cleanses and am continuing with them until my symptoms are gone Inshallah.

    I have had good results with the cleanses so far, and the significant idea I want to share is that parasites may in fact be how jinns enter and reside in the human body. (This is completely my own hypothesis and from what I know of jinn that they eat dung and can enter the bloodstream, it seems plausible to me, but of course, I could be entirely wrong.) In any case, I feel that a parasite cleanse would be extremely beneficial to most people and especially those suffering from jinn/ayn/waswaas.

    I apologize for the length of the post. I have left out all the details of what specific ruqya I have been doing and also what I have been doing for the parasite cleanse so far, but if you are interested, feel free to email me with any questions you might have.

    Jazakallah Khair for your work with the site.

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