Important Message to all Readers.

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,


I write this with a very red face. SubhanAllah I had NO idea that so many of you messaged me on here! For some reason I did not receive notifications. Not to mention that my laptop bust on me and I now have to write using a tiny tablet with tiny buttons. I sincerely apologise.


Anyway, I will now slowly work through all the messages. I hope you can both forgive me and bare patience with me. We are getting better at patience though right? Lol.


I also want to mention that…although I am mostly better Alhamdulilah, I still have a few symptoms and side effects. I have heavy brain fog, some anxiety and depression symptoms and very weak memory. I have to jot down lists of everything just to remember every single day- or I forget the lot and spend the day like a dazed headless chicken. My close ones get angry with me because they think I forget them on purpose or that I can’t be bothered with them. I try to explain but, its hard to explain right? Also not to mention the psychological effects of Sihr which has left me with a fear of people, nervousness, sadness, jumpiness, lack of trust, fear of negative things happening and pessimism. Obviously I do not accept defeat (as you may know me by now- I am like a worm wriggling through dirt) and I persist in improving all of these symptoms. I have overcome one or too with the Help of Allah. We have this one life to make it to Jannah right? And I’ll be dammed if I’m spending it with negativity, darkness and debilitating symptoms. I also don’t see myself surviving on this small keyboard so I will need to invest in a new laptop.


I still get Waswas too. Especially when it comes to writing on here and my Facebook page. I become so so blank and in comes the brain fog! Gee I wonder why Shayateen would want to block me from writing on here, where people are striving to beat them through Ruqya and persistence?? So I really felt this block guys and I have been making Dua to Allah to help me with writers block for almost a year now and Alhamdulilah I feel much stronger to write and finish off my story. I have yet to tell you about many weird and wonderful events that have happened along the way (as well as some shocking and disgusting things). I will also try to get the perspective of ‘supporters’ of people suffering from Sihr because they also go through a tough time. It’s hard enough fighting something so unseen but imagine your loved ones suddenly acting differently and yet they appear the same? How confusing that must be.


As I end here, can I ask you all to make dua for me please? That I can remain steadfast in helping others through this and other platforms. That I am protected from any forms of blokage and/or evil eye that may harm me. I would be extremely grateful. JazakAllahu khairan.


Until next time (sooner than later!),

Wasalamu alaikum.


4 thoughts on “Important Message to all Readers.

  1. Assalamulaikum sister
    I was hoping to get a post from you soon and to check if you are doing better, but alhamdulilllah you posted and I’m glad that you are improving and constantly fighting.

    May Allah swt grant you shifaa and may he grant you great success in this dunya and the aakhirah. I’ve been curious to ask you if this actually also continues in ramadan because you know the shayateen are chained up in ramadaan. Or is it simply the effects it leaves behind and this persists during ramadaan but it simply becomes easier in this month. It would be good to get your response.


    • Wa Alaikumsalam warahmatullah,

      JazakAllah Khair brother. Duas are always helpful!

      Yes, symptoms can continue during Ramadham. It varies with people- for some it can calm down and for some it actually worsens. From my understanding I think it can worsen because obviously we are doing more Ruqya so the Jinn and magic is being burnt more, hence why there are more reactions. When Allah said Shayateen are tied during ramadhan- it only applies to the bigger jinns. Our Kareen and lower level jinn are still around. I just increased my Ruqya and Alahmdulillah it was like a high fever and after Eid, I felt more lighter and better.

      • Alhamdulillah im glad you are doing well.
        May Allah increase you in your health and keep you healthy 🙂

  2. man read sura Baqara 3 hours dayly into water and wash with it.. in 6 months you will be healty. you can add 1 hour of sura Falak and Nas and read baqara 2 hours with it. Try both methods..

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