Assalamu Alaikum.

Assalamu Alaikum everyone,

I know it has been a long time since I have put anything on here. I have my reasons but in sha Allah I will try my best to finish off the account of what happened. I have a small but very important update……Alhamdulillah I am pretty much cured 🙂 All praise is for Allah.  I have the rare reactions here and there but the effects of the Sihr are so weak that they are hardly noticeable! I am sure you are eager to know how I got to this stage and I will elaborate on what proved to be a huge cure for me….it has something to do with Ramadhan.


Anyway, for now, keep an eye out for more regular!at posts continuing my story in sha Allah.


14 thoughts on “Assalamu Alaikum.

  1. Alhamdulillah. I look forward to your next post. I’m currently going through what you have been going through and found your blog extremely useful. All praises be to Allah.

  2. Asalamoalikum Sister,
    I was just googling when I came across this post . I don’t know if what I suffer from is magic or not. It’s something unheard of and something I would never ever mention to anyone even for all the money in the world. It’s been 10 years now and I suffer silently . I just started ruqayah.
    I just need words of hope .
    I’ll be going through your post.
    Please keep us updated . It will help a lot!
    Jazakillahu khair

  3. Asalamoalikum Sister,
    I just came across your story while searching on Google today. I have been suffering from a problem for 10 years now . It’s something unheard of and its really humiliating . No one has suffered from such a thing and I pray that no one does . I don’t know if it’s black magic or not but I have just started ruqayah. Please keep us updated on your story ! It has given me hope.
    Jazakillahu khairan kaseera

  4. Walikumsalam ,
    Waiting anxiously for your next post ! Please let us know. Really need the help.
    Jazakillahu khair !

  5. Assalamu aleikum,
    I just read this and I know ramadhan is around the corner so if you could give any tips inshaallah please share. I started this journey 6 moths ago and sometimes it’s so easy to depsair and feel like no one is there except Allah, but Inshaallah Allah azzawajall will increase me in sabr. I’ve noticed an improvement, and at the same time an increase in symproms. I think I’m getting lazier and need a solid program or something. I’m flying solo here; no family support, no raqi… just me the Quran and the mercy of my rabb. So anything you can help me with will inshaallah benefit me. Countdown to ramadhan: 33 days.

  6. Assalamualaikum, I am just wondering if you will continue your writing in your post and share us your journey in healing. It would be nice to have some optimism of healing based on another person’s victory against the evil. JazakAllaah Khayran.

  7. Asalamoaikum
    I keep leaving a comment but nothing happens.
    Can you please give an update on your story soon ?
    Jazakillahu khair

  8. Salaam sister
    Your story is truly inspirational. May Allah reward you immensely for your hardship and impeccable strength. Can you please post how you got better?

    • Wasalam warahmatullah,

      JazakAllah khair sister. To be honest, my situation is milder than what most people go through so Alhamdulillah. Ameen to your Dua. I will be positing how I got better inshaAllah. If you scroll through my posts, I have one called the Ruqyah Schedule and that is what I mostly followed.

  9. I am sorry for taking so long to reply back to your message. I had left the field of ruqya for the last 3 years to focus on personal family matters. I have only recently found the strength to help/advise where i can.

    just decided to reply back to questions.

    Updated website slightly with two new sections (now live again)

    And a small blog section nothing as comprehensive as yours

    Link to your original ruqya plan is still live may Allah continue to reward you. If you feel it needs alteration let me know

    Jazak Allah khair

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