When will the Help of Allah come? A Psychological Perspective.

There is a connection between the psychological state and well being of a person and the Sihr, Evil Eye or Jinn possession that has been inflicted on them.

There is also a connection between the mind and the coming of the cure. For Allah Says ‘I am as my Slave perceives me’. So how much certainty do we perceive and hope in being cured by Allah? Really?

You will find that if a person has had a distressing childhood, or suffered traumatic experiences, or holds repressed negative memories and so on then the effect of Sihr is more strong and the the Jinns have a tighter grip upon their mind and consequently their body and life. People like this (which is most of us) don’t tend to have a strong fighting spirit, they usually believe that they ‘deserve’ this condition and that Allah is punishing them because they are ‘bad Muslims’. Or they believe that this is a test but subconsciously don’t ‘feel’ like striving to get rid of it. The Jinn see this and exaggerate these weaknesses until the patient cannot differentiate between their own thoughts and the thoughts put by Jinn. If the aim of the Sihr is to kill you then the Jinn can easily make you feel like ‘you deserve to die’ or that you are a low individual. Or if the Sihr was created to split you from your spouse then again, the Jinn will target your psychological state by saying that you don’t ‘deserve a good spouse’, feelings of ugliness and low self worth.

Because the effects of Sihr and the presence of Jinn mainly target our psychological and mental state of mind, it is absolutely vital that we first strengthen our mind, personality and inner soul. I have gone through this process myself. I suffered quite a traumatic childhood of abuse, physical abuse, neglect, years of bullying and degradation by various people. And I know the Jinns used this against me because I genuinely felt that death was better than living. I struggled to differentiate between reality and illusion. I felt ugly and dirty. Suicidal and severely depressed. There were times where I almost gave up and allowed the Jinns to hurt me because ‘I just didn’t care anymore’.

It was only until I snapped.

Something inside of me snapped and I had an epiphany moment. That, and I believe Allah Subhana Wata’ala heard my cries and He sent down strength inside of me. For there is no veil between the cries of the oppressed and the Mercy of Allah. It was in this moment that I decided enough was enough and a change took over me. I felt renewed and rejuvenated. Can the Mercy of Allah wash away distress? From then on, I tackled my demons head and on- both my own psychological ones and the real Shayateen. I realized that my self worth was through the identity of being a Muslim- a slave of Allah. I no longer allowed myself to be degraded by any human or jinn.

I began to love my self. I felt loved by Allah. I felt honored because Allah, Al Khaaliq, Al Musawwir, decided to fashion my bones and create me into a human being. And out of billions of humans, He gave me hidayah- Islam. While most walk aimlessly upon this earth like lost cattle. La ilaha illallah.

It took months but I healed most of what was broken in me, by the Will of Allah. I have closed the doors on the scars of the past so the Jinn cannot use this anymore. And like I have mentioned, I now make the Jinn cry the way they used to make me cry. How dare they attempt to harm a slave of Allah who calls upon no one beside Allah? Do they not know that Allah wages war against those who harm his slaves?

I wasn’t going to mention this but I will use it as an example of how Allah Subhana Wata’ala aids His slaves who cry out to Him. Some months ago, when I was weaker and the Jinn were stronger, I actually had another Sihr cast upon me and a new Jinn entered me. This one was extremely disgusting and vicious and planned to rape me in the night. I didn’t…even know how this was possible but I have heard some horror stories. So all day, I felt sick with anguish and worry of what might happen. I couldn’t think, eat or sit properly. It came to a point where I was so scared that I was on the floor crying and crying. I ended up going into sujood and just simply saying ‘Allah Protect me from their plots, Ya Rabbi protect me’. And as the night approached and I was in my bed, I felt intense fear. I felt the Jinn surface through me, laughing menacingly and boasting what he would do to me. I then cried. And the Jinn laughed even more until-

-Suddenly it began to scream. It began to shout saying ‘Arghhhh they are here! The Angels are here!’ And suddenly the Jinn disappeared inside of me and I had control over myself again. But what happened next shocked me to the core. I don’t know how else to describe this (and I don’t expect everyone to believe me) but, I felt Angels surrounding me. They were invisible to me but I could ‘sense’ them. I suddenly started laughing in joy and I felt an indescribable sense of tranquility. In amazement, I shouted to my Sister and explained. She was bewildered but I could still sense Angels around me. After she left, I was overcome with emotion and I fell into sujood because I had never felt so close to Allah. I cried in amazement to Allah because I knew I was experiencing something incredible from the Unseen. I then heard a calm voice speak to me who said ‘We have been sent from the fourth heaven by Allah to protect you from the Shayateen because Allah Has Heard your cries. You must now do Wudu, read Ayatul Kursi and sleep on your right side and we will stand guard by your side so no Shaytan can harm you in the night.’. Although I hadn’t digested what was happening and I was in complete shock… I slept peacefully. I had not slept so peacefully in a long time.

I know many of you may not believe this and conclude that it was in my mind or a Jinn fooled me. But, I know with full certainty that this was a miracle from Allah. There was a similar incident recorded where a robber was going to kill a man who cried “O Most Loving, O Most Loving, O Owner of the majestic Throne, O Initiator, O Returner, O You Who do whatever You will, I ask You by the Light of Your Countenance which fills the pillars of Your Throne, and I ask You by Your Power by which You control all of Your creation, and I ask You by Your mercy which encompasses all things, there is no god but You, O Helper help me!”. After which, an Angel came in the form of a warrior and saved him.

In fact, the next day I told a close friend of what happened and she actually told me that she had a dream about me the same night and that in this dream, the evil Magician was saying ‘she is protected now!’.

So you see, the Help of Allah is ever so near. It comes in many forms and when the slave calls out in desperation then Allah can send an army to help you. In fact the Jinn in my Sister and I always cry in anger saying that we are protected by Angels by all sides. That the more Qur’ an we recite, the more Angels come to protect us, to listen to the Qur’an. This is the case with all of us, we all have Angel protecting us.

I will say that I still have a long way to go but I feel stronger to fight all of this because I have created a big fortress of defense in my mind- with stronger willpower, self worth and most of all…tawakkul in the Help of Allah. I have witnessed vast things of the Unseen that has strengthened my faith. I now clearly see the Akhirah in my mind…I see my home in Jannah…and I will do anything to get there, in sha Allah. Even if I have to crawl through every struggle, hardship and fight every enemy, I will.

My Brothers and Sisters in Islam who are suffering at the hands of Sihr and Jinn…I beg you, do not allow them to break you. Do you think that you are just a Muslim among many? No! Rather, Allah Subhana Wata’ala knows YOU by your own name and He knows every corner of your heart. And if you have suffered psychologically previously then work to heal this, don’t give the Jinn fuel to hurt you. Once you have built your defense and confidence then attack them with full force. And watch how they flee! Their weak reality will be seen. And remain steadfast upon this path until the cure of Allah arrives. For sure, the Help of Allah is so near. And lastly, call out to Him with full certainty that He WILL come to your rescue.

Draw close to Him in devotion, love and worship in such a way that any Jinn or Human near you can’t help but see the light of Islam.

Ya Rabb, Owner of the heavens and the earth, Owner of every living being, the Owner of every cure, cure us all of this illness that leaves no traces of sickness. Oh the Majestic and Powerful One Who Holds our hearts between Your Hands, Keep us steadfast upon Islam until we meet You. And let the happiest day be when we finally meet You, Ameen ya Rabb. 


4 thoughts on “When will the Help of Allah come? A Psychological Perspective.

  1. Its been since 2012 I’ve been afflicted with jiin harming psychologically, and now that its 2014, I’m awake after fajr morning in Ramadan, I feel like at this moment Allah has answered my Dua and I just stumbled upon your blog on this particular topic, I really needed it ma shaa Allah I was crying so hard Allah answers in so many ways and I was lead to your blog woow Alhamdulilah rabbi Alaameen. I feel like someone actually understood me and I felt like a alien for so long cos my issue is different to certain cases when people are afflicted by Jiin/sihir. Ameen to your dua I should memorise it myself. at that start of my jinn problems (2012) I also felt like Allah was closer then my jagular vein when I was crying for his help when the Jiins overwhelmed me with pure distress, and I loved that moment so much because I felt like Allah was reminding me that I’m not crazy and it is them its a test and to carry on, (but unfortunately I was praying with some sisters and I couldnt enjoy that moment for long just 3 mins and I regret it sooooo much cos I’ve been chasing for it for soo long for that moment, I feel it a little here and there but not as strong of the presents that tranquillity, that feeling of heaven on earth a call that has been responded personally, like the closest thing to actually meeting Allah aza wa jal a glimpse of presents of our creator, I wish I can have that moment again for you and your sister and I Ameen ) I really needed that.

  2. Assalamualaykum wr wb

    My dearest sister, I just wanted to say jazakallah khayran for this. Sometimes you search and you search and you look for a few words of comfort and support something to reassure you to strengthen you. It indeed is a difficult journey and we all have our ups and downs. I just wanted you to know that i found solace in your words, and that I know how hard it must be to put your thoughts and feelings into words. But your efforts have not gone in vain and im sure like myself many have benefitted.

    May Allah cure you completely, grant you peace and serenity, may He protect you from all harm, elevate you and grant you Al firdaws!

    • Wa alaikumsalam warahmatullah wabarakatuh dearest sister, I read your message three times because it was beautiful and heartfelt. Jazakallah khair for the encouragement, I really needed it. Yes it is very hard to write at times, the memories can be painful and my mind can play games with me at times…I hope you are reading my story as I intend to finish it and document how I reached a stage where I feel in control of my mind and body Alhamdulillah. Life is still a bit rocky.. We go from test to test don’t we? But Allah is always there for us, He is our Wali, close friend. Please keep me updated on your situation.

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