Personal Ruqyah Schedule


1) Perfect a sound and complete Aqeedah and Intentions. Place complete trust in Allah, be content with Qadr and strive for His Pleasure.
2) Pray all 5 Salah with Sunnah (take care with Wudhu)- absolute must.
3) Complete 100 (SubhanAllah, Alhamdulilaah, Allahuakbar) Adhkar after each Salah.
4) Read Ayatul Kursi and 3 Quls*
5) Read daily ‘La ilaha illallahu wahdahu la shareekalahu lahul mulku walahu hamdu wa huwa ‘ala kulli shay’in Qadeer’ x 100
5) Say ‘Astaghfirullah x 100 daily.
6) Make constant Dua for Shifaa for all of us.
7) Read Morning and Evening Adhkar- absolute must.
8) Avoid all sins, lower gaze, don’t displease Parents.


1) Recite all of Surah Baqarah.
2) Recite Surah Yaseen, Jinn, Rahman, Falaq, Naas, Ikhlaas and any other Ruqyah Ayaat.
3) Do 1 hour Ruqyah session over Sister, using Qur’an, spraying Ruqyah water, beating the Jinn, threatening them to die or leave- this also scares my Jinns.
4) Listen to Audio- Ruqyah Shari’ah, Surah Baqara or Ayatul Kursi on replay x 2/3 hours daily.
5) Apply Ruqyah Oil- twice a day.
6) Ruqya Bath- Fill bucket/bath with 3 cups of Ruqya water and mix with normal water, 3 tsp of Ruqyah oil, 1tbp of Sidr powder, 7 Blackseeds and bathe in this for 15-30 minutes. Inwardly recite the Quls and some Duas and repeatedly spittle into the water.

7) Recite the Quls* anytime throughout the day- unlimited.
8) Recite or listen to Qur’an whenever travelling.
9) Listen to Tafaseer.
10) Learning Quranic Arabic online.
11) Fortnightly Ruqya Session- with trusted Raaqi.
12) Place Mushaf on place of pain- ie shoulder/head (this directly burns Jinn).
13) Use earbuds with Ruqya oil on to clean ears.
14) You can recite and spittle on anything- creams, shampoes, vaseline, oils, clothing, water, vinegers. All this burns the Jinn in sha Allah.


In Salah/Sujood | Friday | After Adhaan | Qiyam | After any good act | After Charity | Anytime- the more the better.


1) Start day off with a glass of Ruqyah Zamzam Water (infused with 2tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar, 1tsp of Sea Salt, 1tsp of Ruqyah Olive Oil, 7 Blackseeds). Face Qiblah, say Bismillah, make small dua ‘Oh Allah cure me, No one else can cure me but You’ and drink.

2) Drink 1-3 large cups of Senna Tea before any solid food (Ruqyah water and natural senna leaves until dark brown).
3) Drink Ruqyah water throughout the day.
4) Eat 3-7 Dates.
5) Avoid all junk food, sugary food, fizzy drinks, doubtful food, fried food, food from ‘suspected’ relatives and NO red meat.
6) Restrict diet to- Fish, Chicken, Vegetables, Fruit, Rice, Wholemeal foods, water and tea. *Increase in sour and natural foods such as lime, lemon, ginger, garlic- Jinns HATE it*. So a healthy and moderate diet, eating a third at the most.

7) Recite Quls* and spittle on every meal. Not leave any crumbs.
8) Start every food with ‘Bismillah’ and end with Alhamdulilaah.
9) Cover food at night time and say ‘Bismillah’.
10) Try Green Tea and see if you react.
11) Try drinking some rain water (recite over it and drink) and see if you react.


1) Read Duas that reflect total tawwakul in Allah (Fortress Muslim).
2) Self Affirmation- positive encouraging phrases counteracting the negative thoughts and confusion from Shaytaan.
3) Talk aloud to the Jinns- threaten them, show them my confidence and strength.
4) Physically list at least 10 blessings that I am grateful for-daily.
5) Make Dua to Allah from the depths of heart until feel Sakeenah.
6) Stay away from Music.
7) Avoid negative people, people who complain, people who put you down, people who shout excessively.
8) Compliment 3 things about myself daily- Physical or inward etc.
9) Remind self of Jannah and promised reward.
10) Avoid focusing on Waswasa- keep distracted.
11) Keep Self Esteem high- don’t put self down.
12) Spare at least 30 minutes to relax and laugh with family- keeps the mind positive.
13) Reward self when complete a good Ruqyah schedule- ie a day out, chocolate (in moderation).
14) Make conscious effort to do more the next day.
15) Never ever despair.
16) Try not to utter what the Shayateen are saying or how they are affecting you- this fills them with pride.
17) Regularly smile and laugh to lighten the heart  


1) No pictures on walls.
2) Keep Qur’an on as much as possible.
3) Little or no T.V
4) ALWAYS read Dua when entering house.
5) Keep house clean and nice smelling- perfume or incense.
6) Close doors and windows at Maghrib time with Basmalah.
7) Nothing signifying Shirk ie Taweez.
8) Keep Toilet door closed.
9) Surah Baqara recited daily or every 3 days minimum.
10) No Music or Musical instruments.
11) Spray corners of Walls with Ruqyah water.
12) Regularly read or put Adhaan on.
13) Avoid taking things off ‘suspected’ relatives- ie gifts, ornaments and food.
14) Put all dolls and teddy bears away (I have been told that Jinn can enter these and spy on you). Creepy.
15) Minimize arguments and fighting.
16) Spread Salam.


1) Be.on.guard- they try to attack more.
2) Do MORE adhkar where you would normally pray.
3) Recite as much as you can from memory, or even Qur’an off phone etc.
4) Have someone recite on you.
5) Be aware of emotional fluxes- Shayateen want to *make* you excessively upset and angry, feel ugly and fat.
6) Do daily 20 minute refreshing walk.
7) Put lots of Atr on.
8) Apply thick layer of Ruqyah Olive Oil daily
9) Keep yourself surround by good people, avoid isolation.
10) Keep self positive- do things that keep you happy and positive.
11) You are more prone to crying- do it but turn your tears towards Allah and seek His helps. Get it out of the system and move on.
12) Quls, Quls, Quls all all all day!
13) Some chocolate man lol


1) Hijama (can’t do much as low money).
1) Exercise daily- at least 20 minutes. Walking mainly, Cycling, Swimming.
2) Pray Tahajjud- at least twice a week.
4) Apply Atr- Black/White Musk or any strong smelling Atr. Apply near nostrils and ears.
5) Use Siwaak to brush teeth.
6) Wear all clothes from right side and Basmalah before undressing- Jinn can feel attracted towards you.
7) Carefully dispose of hair and nails and old clothes.
7) Help others in need- as Allah then will help me.
8) Give in small charity regularly.
9) If feel movement in body- pinch or hit that part (should hit Jinn).
10) Light Incense that have been read on.
11) Do as many acts of Ibadah as possible, listen to lectures, learning names of Allah and actively help the Ummah.
12) Keep personal diary- to note all changes, improvements and future goals.

*Quls- Surah Falaq, Nass and Ikhlas.

LASTLY, be consistent, resilient, confident, positive and constantly keep your connection with Allah alive. Be like an elastic band that never tires of springing back even when it is pulled smacked or stretched. Keep eyes on end goal- Jannah with Allah. Jannah with Allah. Jannah with Allah.

And Allah Knows Best.


9 thoughts on “Personal Ruqyah Schedule

  1. Wooow I did mostly the same thing, sadly I lacked dicpline and most of them are very new, amazing I wish found your blog along time ago…ma shaa Allah.

  2. Please share this with others;
    -How to do Ruqya yourself-> Apparently you don’t need all these surahs
    – See why it takes so long to cure ayn and how new jinn from the same sahir can find and enter you(sihr and hasid networks) Watch this video from 1;00;00 and this one from 1:22:00

    I promise this isn’t spam it’s something I’m trying myself and inshaallah it will work for me. I was going to post it here after it worked but decided to just do it since it may be of benefit to anyone feeling lost and hopeless because they don’t have a raqi or just anyone intimadated by making a quran schedule and the bulk of surahs involved. Allahu ta’ala a’lam. With Him is the success and cure so inshaallah it will be of benefit and anyone who tries it will be successful.

  3. JazaakAllaah.
    This is a complete way of Shifa’ for the heart, body, mind and soul, regardless of the problem.
    May Allaah set us firm upon Salaat, Qur’an, Sunnah, make our hardships easy for us,


  4. Asalamualaikum sister. Jazakallah khayr for sharing this. You most likely wont respond to this or you maybe busy..but ill take my chances. But it can get lonely when you dont have any friends to talk to about the effects of sihr. And Iv had black magic done on me from two seperate people so Ive been affected since birth but hell for the past 9/10 years since I had the second sihr. So it would be nice to have regular motivation from your sometimes I come close to suicide. Anyway I pray u are well. And I really hope Allah allows you to see this msg at the very least. Wa alaikum asalam

    • Assalamu alaikum,

      I’m really sorry for not responding earlier. You know yourself how hectic Sihr is. My mind has been a bit all over the place and it’s been quite hard to focus. Then my laptop stopped working. I are stable? I have been suicidal at a time myself and it’s the loneliest place in the world.. To wake up everyday and to not want to be alive. It used to grieve me so much. But. I did slowly get better and stronger. it took alot of self belief and motivation and especially Allah’s Help. And Dua. And counselling. Do you think you would find counselling helpful?

  5. Assallaam wa alaykom ..hope you are well and Allah blessed with all you desire in this world and the next.wanted to know if you can remove my comment by nazmero above Shukran

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